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United States
HELLO EVERYONE!!! My name is nelanutella, you call me Nela, Nutella, sugar lord, or marshmallow Ninja
I live somewhere near New York, home of Ninja turtles! yes I do Like the show, you got a problem with that, huh? I draw fan art, animals, other stuff when I'm bored, I basically draw non stop X3. If you're a shell Head and proud of it, let me hug you! I'm a hugger F3
Anyway, welcome to my profile, I'm just here to have a good time and make some crazy friends!!

My original #drawyourOTP base :3…

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If you want to be in the family, just ask :3




So I decided how Dan's meets team Voltron >:3
Taking place at the "Taking Flight" ep. OuO when she knew the entire plan to capture one of the Lions and didn't like the plan, and when she found out it was the blue Lion, she followed it. And just by the time Lance said

"Thank you Keith, now can you come and unchain me(Keith speaking on the other line) Come on Keith I thought we bonded! Keith? Buddy? My man?" ((I loved that part QwQ XD))

Dan came in like "That won't be a problem" coming towards Lance and freed him from the chain and asked to go with the team, she was accepted :3

I'll try to come up with the scenario better =w=;;;

Art by meh
Voltron belongs to Dreamworks
New design and freedom fighter Galra
Changed Kassie's outfit and gave Jason a new look after joining team Voltron....I really love it honestly OwO/

But anyways enjoy :D

Kassie and Jason belongs to me
Voltron belongs to Dreamworks
Jedediah(Voltron OC)

Alright...I'm gonna do my best with this one so prepare yourselves XD


Name: Jedediah
N/n: Jason
Age: 17
Species: Galra
Height: up to the shoulders of Zarkon(( :U ))
Weight: 178 lb
Other: many scars from his training


Parent(s): Dead

Sibling(s): dead

Friend(s): Voltron team, Kassie, Danny

Enemies: Zarkon, Lotor

Crush: No but tempts to flirt with Kass, pissing Keith off XD

Personality: Jason's a tough, tall Galra guy who is mean looking but has a soft spot deep within him. When he joined team Voltron he was starting to finally feel right at home. Once a child confronts him, laughing and wanting to be picked up, Jason just simply raises his eyebrow but eventually picks up the kid, showing his soft nature. Most of the time he would flirt with Kassie on the ship, not just because he likes but enjoys to tick off Keith, Jason just loves to laugh at Keith's face when he flirts with Kassie and she too would get irritated. And we thought Lance was the biggest flirt.

Likes: Training, having his own time by himself, kicking butt and end up getting the person to a space hospital, a bit of eavesdropping(but during his time with Voltron he stopped, but does it only from the galra), Shiro's advice, other alien females flirting with him.

Dislikes: LOTOR(hates him the most), Keith's over protectiveness over Kassie, a bit of children coming to him, getting irritated, Zarkon.

Other things: Thinks about being a freedom fighter like he encounters most of the time before he betrayed his father.

Before he became the assassin of the Galra Empire and the adopted son of Zarkon, Jason was little when Zarkon's forces invaded his home, killing his parents, new born sister and two older brothers and an older sister. He was the only one to make it out but was caught in the hands by the centuries, they took him as prisoner and was sent to the arena, at such a young age and with such height, people thought he was twelve when he was only 6. He looked around and saw Zarkon himself watching him from the distance, he heard the champion come in, Jason never fought before but had played with his siblings before like tag. With every blow Jason ran and dodged, he was pretty good at it, climbed walls and slipped and fell on the champion's back, as he tries to reach for Jason but Jason just finds wires on his back and ended up ripping them out, cutting off the power of the champion's suit. He jumps off quickly, finding a spear, instincts tell him "throw the spear at his head if you want to live...". He followed it and did what his instincts told him and the champion falls. A 6 year old Galra had been the first to defeat a champion as such a young age, he was thought to be useful to Zarkon.

So, Zarkon took him in as his son, teaching him all kinds of training but only the advance ones, the basics was taught by other masters Jason trained with and learned the advance with Zarkon. At the age of 15, he graduated with a few cuts and bruises along the way, he succeeded at many missions, making the empire stronger, but secretly weaker by tiny amounts of it. The memory of his family dying by the Zarkon's forces never left him, Jason had really wanted to be a big brother to his new born baby sister....but the centuries took that away. So...every mission he goes on the best centuries goes with him and at the end of a mission, Jason would kill the centurie, leaving them for dead.

When he discovered about team Voltron injuring Zarkon and Haggar summoning prince Lotor, Jason has had enough. He can no longer live like this. He took a pod, and left the empire, for good...

When he came face to face with team Voltron, immediately the princess has told him to leave because he was part of Zarkon's reign. Jason told his story about when he was little, the paladins seem to believe him after Jason showed some scars during his training, but Allura didn't, she still thought it was cruel of him to make up a story like that. But she was outnumbered by votes and so Jason was accepted, after saying his thanks and meeting Kassie for the first time, he gave her a wink....oh boy, this should be a fun ride...


-He changed his outfit to looking like a freedom fighter

-has been the small flirty and quiet serious guy when he was accepted into team Voltron but during his time he stopped his flirty nonsense and became a kind tough Galra

- He may have enjoyed ticking Keith off but during their process, they became friends


Hope ya like 'me :D

Jedediah belongs to me
Voltron belongs to Dreamworks


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